A Time For Everything

“There is an occasion for everything and a time for every activity under heaven, a time to give birth and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to uproot…a time for war and a time for peace”- Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 CSB

Time is a mystery that we will never comprehend. The cycle of life is marked by seasons or time. Each season of life is bounded by time: times of joy, trials, peace, chaos, etc. Life is truly like a turning carousel of seasons. Some seasons are for planting, some for scattering, some for harvesting and others for pruning.

In Ecclesiastes chapter three, Solomon reminds us that time is precious and seasons can change in the twinkling of an eye. While today we may be rejoicing over the birth of a child or an exciting new endeavor, tomorrow we may be mourning the death of a loved one or close the door to an exciting chapter in our lives.

In life, Solomon reminds us that nothing remains the same all the time. There is “an occasion for everything and a time for every activity under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). Our passage of scripture can be to some extinct encouraging and to another extinct discouraging. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 reveals to us the reality that seasons change and not always for the best.

On one hand, we are guaranteed to go through times of trials and difficulties, even great pain:

“a time to kill…
a time to tear down …
a time to weep…
a time to mourn…
a time for war…”

Certainly, we do not look forward to those times when trouble will strike to make us weep, mourn, experience war or troubled relationships that feel as if war has broken in our homes or experience the tearing down of what we cherish. Let’s be honest, these are seasons of life we would rather eliminate from the chapters of our lives altogether if we could. Truly, Solomon brings us face to face with life’s realities. For many of us, we know we would have preferred that the Teacher not mention these in the Bible. We prefer the verses that uplift us and cause us to shout “Victory”! However, if you’ve lived long enough, you know that life does not guarantee victory or happiness every second of every day.

On the other hand, there are seasons that we wish could last forever. Those are times of great joy, of laughter, healing, love, and creating wonderful new chapters in our lives.

“a time to give birth…
a time to plant…
a time to heal…
a time to build…
a time to laugh…
a time to dance…
a time to embrace…”

Oh how we wish these times would not end. Who doesn’t want to laugh, dance, love, and embrace? Unfortunately, those seasons too can be limited and leave room to far less attractive seasons of life.

Throughout the book of Ecclesiastes, King Solomon reminds us that no one can control time: not men, not kings, and not even authorities. Only God is in charge of this gift.

For many of us at Single, Saved & Secure, this may be a time of singleness but as the wisest man that ever lived tells us, nothing lasts forever. Each season brings something new. There’s a time to be single and a time for intimate love. Regardless of your preferred season, both are a gift from God because time is sacred.

Through all the twist and turns of life, whether we are in times of peace or times of chaos, we can rest assured of one thing: God is always with us. There is not a time in our lives when God is absent. He is always near! Let that be your encouragement. Whether you find yourself in a difficult time or a time of enormous joy, God will remain with you and this does not change with time.

We can always navigate ever-changing seasons of life by holding on to God’s steadfast and never changing love and character.
Times will change but our God is unchanging and this we can take to the bank.


Dear God,

I want to thank you for the gift of time and all that you have allowed me to experience during the various seasons of my life. As those seasons change for better or for worst, help me to remember the truth that you are always with me. In good times, you are there to laugh and rejoice with me. In times of trouble, you are there to carry me. You are my constant and my true north. Thank you Father for being with me at all times.
In Jesus’ Name,

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