Clothed In The Beauty Of God

When God created the first man and the first woman, He created them as equal: not in capacity or abilities but in His own image. This equality takes nothing away from the fact that He also created them as two unique and distinct individual, both having particular roles, responsibilities, and personality traits that when combined form a beautiful pair. What is most amazing is how the unique features of women and men reveal different aspects of God’s personality and character.

On one hand, women tend to be nurturing, protective of their children, loving, affectionate, gentle, sacrificial, and attentive to those around them. Does not this description remind you of God? So often, God has through His character revealed his unfailing and sacrificial love towards us. He takes the time to listen to our prayers and our concerns, comforts us with a gentle embrace like a good mother would and instructs us every day. Truly, in every way, God made women in His image and feminity is His invention.

However, the Great I Am could not impart all His characteristics and attributes in only one being whether man or woman. As He created women to be a beautiful representation of His character and person, likewise He imparted much of His divine beauty into men. In men, we can find beautiful traits of God.

Men are known for being great soldiers, leaders, defenders, protectors who will stop at nothing to care for their family. They were also created with a need to provide for those around them, correct their children and when needed, not sparing the rod as the Bible instructs us (Proverbs 13:24). Hard workers and loyal, they reflect the nature of God. Although this does not depict every man in the world, it does reflect the men seeking to walk with God and put Him first. Both men and women were meant to reveal the fullness of God in character.

As men, God is a protector and defender. A mighty fortress, He stands between us and our enemies to protect us. As Lord of armies, He fights our battles. As a Father, He welcomes us back in His arms with unconditional love even after we’ve failed Him repeatedly. Yet, like a good father also, He disciplines us when we go astray or dishonor Him.

Unfortunately, when sin entered the world at the fall, it became much harder to shine the beautiful light that God placed within us. But thank God for Jesus who was able to restore us to Himself and give us the ability to reflect His character once more even though it may require effort and intentionality. What a wonderful God we serve! Only God could clothe us with His very nature and beauty despite our messes. The Lord has carefully placed in men and women a series of attributes of His own personality so that by looking at us, others should see the beautiful character of our God. Truly, God is in you and He is in me. Whether man or woman, each day, we should seek to reflect the beauty of God that is within us and honor it. Rather than compete with the opposite sex or spend endless time in the comparison trap, learn to value what makes them unique. That is one way that we can honor God today.


Father God, great Creator,
Thank you for creating me in your image. Help me to radiate with your beauty and reflect character. Teach me to value what makes me unique from the opposite sex and at the same time appreciate the parts of them that depict who you are. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Dig Deeper
Genesis 1:27
Matthew 19:4
Psalms 103:13
Galatians 3:28

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