Discover Your Purpose, Find Your Voice

Life can be a great mystery, however, your purpose doesn’t have to be. Your purpose is your reason for existing. It’s God’s designed impact that your life will have on others around you. God has designed you with a particular and unique attribute from Him to represent Him in this world. You were created specifically to bring glory to God. How you will do that is unique to who you are and to how God made you. Out of billions of people in the world, you have a unique way of bringing glory to God, a unique way of representing Him and shining the light He has placed in you.

Purpose Through God

To know your purpose, you must ask your Creator.

~ Creation does not know why it is created unless it turns to its Creator. ~

“There is only one relationship that matters and that is your personal relationship to a personal Redeemer and Lord. Let everything else go, but maintain that at all costs, and God will fulfill His purpose through your life”- Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest

Only through your personal relationship with God will your purpose unfold, which will give meaning to your life. At the same time, your purpose also simplifies your life, in that much of the confusion you may have will disappear once God has revealed to you the reason for your specific existence on earth. You play a vital role in God’s purpose for humanity and it is important that you understand that. Once you do, your life will take a different turn.

“In Him, we stand to inherit even more. As His heirs, we are predestined to play a key role in His unfolding purpose that is energizing everything to conform to His will. As a result, we—the first to place our hope in the Anointed One—will live in a way to bring Him glory and praise.” – Ephesians 1:11-12 (VOICE)

Your Purpose Is For Others

The true beauty about your purpose lies in the fact that it is actually not about you. Rather, it is directly related to the impact you have on others through Jesus Christ. Essentially, God has a purpose for your life that directly affects others and has an impact on the eternal kingdom.

But I do not consider my life of any account as dear to myself, so that I may finish my course and the ministry, which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify solemnly of the gospel of the grace of God.” – Acts 20:24 (NASB)

Your life and its purpose are meant to be a testimony to others. They should testify of God’s grace and His goodness. So how do you plan on finishing the race God has set before you? Do you plan on pursuing this race by living your life fully in purpose? Living to impact others? Living to testify of the gospel of grace you have received? No one else can live within your purpose, only you can.

The Process Of Discovery

When you know your purpose, you will know which direction to follow and where to focus your energy. As a result, discovering your purpose is a must. To help you in this discovery, you need to understand the relationship between your heart, your spiritual gifts and talents, your personality, and your experiences.

Let’s take a closer look;

  • Your heart or passions consist of all the things that inspire you, the things that keep you up at night because they drive you and place fire in your belly.
  • Your spiritual gifts are meant for the benefit of others. They are precious gems that God has given you in order for you to serve others. Think of your gifts as “superpowers” that will help you to move from a place of a routine life to a life of purpose and glory for God. The moment God created you, He also equipped you with certain gifts. You were indeed born with them; they are within you. Don’t confuse your gifts with your talents. There are distinctions between the two.
  • Your talents encompass the things you have developed over time and with practice. Those are your skills. You may be good at those, maybe even great and have mastered them. However, there was a great deal of learning involved. As a result, talents can be acquired.
  • Your personality is the combination of your characteristics and qualities that form your character, that makes you who you are and help you relate to people in particular ways.
  • Your experiences are the sum of all events that have taken place in your life and from which you can learn precious lessons.

All these elements are important in discovering your purpose. Through each of these, God has left you hints and planted information that will help you in your pursuit of purpose.

Your Voice is God’s Voice

When you operate in your purpose, you allow God to use your voice.

Your voice becomes an extension of His voice. ~

Your voice is meant to be heard. God wants to use your voice to speak to others through you. For this reason, the enemy will try to silence you and place roadblocks to prevent you from entering the place where your voice will have an impact; a place of influence.

Take Moses for instance. When God manifested Himself to Moses through a burning bush and called him into his purpose asking him to use his voice to speak to Pharaoh, Moses was afraid. He was momentarily not willing to use his voice and would have allowed the enemy to silence him because he felt inadequate. Like Moses, God wants to remind you that you are His mouthpiece and He can use your voice to do and speak great things to others. So you must realize this the enemy knows that if he can silence you, you cannot live in God’s purpose for your life. Like Moses, he wants you to look at your insecurities and all the reasons why you think you are not qualified to represent God through your voice. No voice means no impact and unfilled purpose.

Let’s not forget that the enemy of your soul  cares only about one thing: to kill, steal, and destroy you. If he can steal your voice, he can destroy you. And by association, he hopes to destroy others because he knows that God has anointed you to share the knowledge of Him and His love to the world. If you cannot use your voice, you cannot share the amazing gift that God has for others through you. This does not mean that you have to be a great speaker, preacher, or teacher that speaks out loud before hundreds or even thousands of people. It’s not only about speaking out loud. When you serve others, you use your voice and deliver a message.

Each day, you “voice” messages without actually using your words through how you act towards others perhaps in how you help a friend and the message they receive is God cares for you and so do I. You use your voice when someone you love has offended you and you choose not to respond. Your inner voice or message is I choose silence because I care about you too much to hurt you with my words.

So don’t let the enemy silence you. Your voice is meant to be heard because you carry a message that the world is thirsting for. And your voice is a tool in living and operating in your purpose.

To Win, You Must Lose

As you begin to walk in your purpose, you must understand that not everyone in your life can go where God is leading you. Living a life of purpose will often eliminate or remove those in your life who cannot help you and will only hinder you. Understand that not everyone wants to see you living in God’s purpose for your life. Also, many may pretend to want to live their purpose, but few actually do or care enough to spend time with God to find out what it is. Many aren’t willing to leave their comfort zone to embrace their purpose-zone because to get from one end to the other requires for God to stretch them in ways that are uncomfortable and unpredictable. No one knows how the stretch, that transition from one zone to the other will take place. And for that reason, many will never reach their purpose-zone. Consequently, you may have to lose something or someone(s) in order to win something much bigger and much more meaningful. Everyone has a purpose in your life when God is the one who has placed him or her there. However, once someone no longer serves a purpose in your life, God will often remove him or her because they cannot go where you are heading.

Nevertheless, your purpose is waiting to be discovered, waiting to be unwrapped like a gift left by God to you. God wants to see you live and operate in the purpose He has for your life. If He didn’t, He would not have spent so much time crafting and designing you as He did. You matter. Your life matters. You were never meant to simply exist in this world. God meant for your life to carry His message and reflect His glory. So today, go to your Creator to discover the purpose He has for your life.

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