Don’t Waste The Wait [Part 2]

Becoming The One God Created You To Be

If you ever had to wait for anything from God, you know as well as I do that God’s timing is never our timing. Often, it’s longer… much longer than we’d hope or anticipate. Yet, we keep waiting because that’s what hope does: it continues to wait despite appearances.

Though the wait may seem draining and painful at times, it provides some not-so-hidden as well as some hidden opportunities. In fact, the wait is an invitation from God to become who He created us to be. Though the process of sanctification will not be complete in us until that great day of Christ’s return, God uses many seasons of our lives to grow us and make us into who He desires us and destined us to become from the foundation of the world. The wait is your invitation to become all that God has created you to be. In this seemingly quiet season, God has every intention of perfecting you, changing your heart, and molding you to become more like His Son if you allow Him and yield to His Spirit. This is the time when He wants to make you into an even godlier woman or man.

So friend, this is your season to discover who He has truly created you to be and become someone who is worth giving up one’s singleness for. Singleness is a gift! Chances are that your future godly spouse knows it too and already treasures this gift they have received from God. As such, be sure that what you have to offer will be worth it for them to give up their singleness. And it begins by becoming a God-fearing and God-honoring individual. You have to become the version of you that loves Christ with all their heart and reflects that in action, character and in your priorities. Your life has to be a reflection of what you value most. And it should be evident to the world and to your future spouse that what you value most is your relationship with God and honoring Him. That is a mark of a godly person.

Beauty that never fades

As a godly person, you should also always be concerned with beautifying yourself through developing a Christ-like character. With the right tools, accessories, outfit, hairstyle, and makeup, anyone can seem outwardly beautiful. However, it takes a person connected to Jesus to beautify their character by following His example. When your character mimics that of Jesus, you will glow, revealing His beauty and shining the light He has placed within you. The Bible tells us that Jesus was the lamb of God not only because He served as the perfect sacrifice for our sins but also because He truly demonstrated the traits of gentleness, innocence, purity, sweetness, and meekness of a lamb. As a godly person and follower of Jesus Christ, those traits should also be visible in you along with the fruit of the Spirit. Then, you will be most attractive.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.” -Galatians 5:22-23 csb

At your best

As your character becomes more attractive, you will be at your best. Being at your best also takes place when you are serving God. The wait is your opportunity and invitation to serve God in your purpose and in your calling (i.e. assignment or mission) without reservation.

If you do not know your purpose yet, do not panic. This is a great time to allow God to reveal it to you and this happens through prayer and service. Serve God where He places you! At your local church and in your community, God has a ministry and a mission for you. With an open heart and mind, serve in a ministry in any capacity that you can even if you’re not sure that you are gifted in that specific area.

~God loves to use moments when we serve to reveal to us our calling and our gifts. ~

The wait vs. the pause

One of the worst things you can do during the wait is to put your life on pause. While the wait is an invitation from God to trust Him, build with Him, serve and grow, the pause is a dead-end. Soon after the initial pause, discouragement will surface and quickly take up permanent residence, hope will fade leading to the potentially dangerous road of compromise and settling for less than God’s best and His will.

While the pause will keep you in a stagnant state, the wait offers you the potential to refine yourself and lean completely on God as He prepares you for the next season.

On one hand, the wait will draw you towards the heart of God and teach you how to wrestle in prayer. As you make prayer an intentional part of your day, you will seek more earnestly, pray effectively, ask boldly, and persist continually. On the other hand, the pause will attempt to convince you that there’s no reason to pray because your prayers won’t be answered (this, by the way, is a lie from the enemy). It is in this idle season that you can become more easily vulnerable to the enemy and succumb to his lies.

In fitness training, we exercise and effectively “break” our muscles only to build them back stronger. The same can be said of the wait. In this season, God will allow you to experience momentary brokenness only to help you trust and depend on Him more effectively with your heart and complete faith. Hence, your spiritual muscles will grow. In addition, the wait is often a season when we go from knowing about God to truly knowing God, knowing his heart better and gaining experiences with Him. This is when you will build the most valuable history with God as He demonstrates His faithfulness to you.

In the pause, there is very little to no spiritual growth or strength gained. In fact, if you remain in the pause too long, your muscles will quickly lose the strength you had built over time.

So friend, if I can leave you with one advice, it would be to embrace the wait. It holds far more blessings, opportunities, and treasures that you can possibly imagine. I know that you long to see your next season approaching but don’t miss out on the opportunities and blessings that God has placed at your fingertips because you’re in a hurry to get out of the wait. Nothing will be wasted in the wait: not your time, not your pain or experiences, and not even your tears. This is exactly when and where God will build you. So don’t run away from this season, embrace it!

And remember:

Watch God move in His way and in His time
Ask God for His purposes to come to pass
Invite God in your journey
Trust God through the process


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