In His Presence

There is a sweet aroma found in the presence of Jesus, a quiet rest like no other for a weary soul. If you have never experienced this sort of holy moment, it may be that you have not stepped away from the cares of this life long enough to seat with Jesus.

Think of it as sitting with a friend over a cup of tea. There is no rush. With each sip, you take the time to deeply inhale, taking in the smell of the mixture, trying to discern every flavor of that one sip and exhale enjoying the hot beverage as it warms all of you. Then, you look at your friend waiting as he does the same and speaks a word that affects your soul.

Whenever the Christian has truly abandoned himself in the arms of the Savior, something supernatural happens. Suddenly, as he hears the voice of the Father calling, his whole being begins to gravitate towards the call and a desire to know the Lord intimately becomes all so consuming.

His Word becomes the feast he must daily take part in… not one bite tossed aside.

The heart and soul thirst for the Living God, wanting more of Him and desiring to see all traces of pride and the flesh destroyed. The heart only has room for one and His name is Jesus.

In His footsteps, one desires to walk.

In His presence, one must abide.

And His power, one should experience and desire to experience.

The sweet aroma of His presence is a place of peace where one has no fear, only faith and confident trust in whose presence one abides. It’s a place of refuge while in times of distress. A place of joy, healing, and serenity.

It’s a place where our wants and needs though present and very real become smaller as our heart’s desire to know Him becomes much greater.

Come, enter His presence.


Get into the presence of God with these verse:

Psalm 84|Hebrews 10:19-22 | Psalm 27:8 | James 4:8 |

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