It Takes Faith

“Therefore I say unto you, what things  so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them”
– Mark 11:24 KJV

It was a beautiful day after school. I was just a little over eight years old. Christmas was coming. As I walked into my aunt’s children store, my heart stopped for a split second. Standing before me was a beautiful white and pink Barbie doll beach house. Barbie and Ken were on the porch dressed in bathing suits. It was simply perfect. I instantly wanted that beach house and it was about to go to the top of my Christmas list. In fact, it was all I wanted on my Christmas list. Everything could go if it meant I’d get this barbie doll house. Like any eight-year-old child, I wrote it on my Christmas list and made sure to tell my mother about my new dream toy. But based on my mother’s facial expression, this house was not coming home with us. Oh, what a disappointment! Still, I continued to believe and prayed for this beach house. Every night, as I prayed I made sure to remind God about the beautiful beach house I had seen in the store and wanted badly. I even thanked Him because I believe he could do anything. And when I asked, I was convinced it would be under the Christmas tree waiting for me. A month later, on Christmas morning, I started searching for a big rectangular box but it was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, in a corner behind the tree, there it was with a huge red bow and my name on a card.

“He did! He did! Mom, I got the beach house!” I started screaming waking up my mother in the process. The whole house had been asleep until a certain little girl got excited as she saw the evidence of God answering her prayers. She saw the evidence even before seeing the manifestation of her prayers.

Do you believe like this little girl that God answers your prayers and is willing and ready to give you whatsoever you desire? Do you ask believing and receiving His blessings even before you have seen the manifestation of the blessing? How do you pray? Prayer takes faith. It takes faith to believe and receive even before God makes a move. It takes faith to believe despite what your natural eyes may see. Do you have faith? Often, when Jesus healed the people he would say ”let it be according to your faith” or ” your faith has made you whole”. Faith is the key ingredient that gives flavor, substance, and power to your prayers.

Friend, God wants to give you the things for which you are praying for but He needs you to believe that you receive it before He begins to act. Are you sick and believing for a miracle? Ask in faith, believing that you are already healed and God will do it. Are you facing financial difficulties and the collectors are already at your door? Ask God to provide in a mighty way and believe that all your debts are paid in full and watch Him do it. Are you desiring to be married someday and you are currently single? Ask God to bring you your help mate, prepare and believe that you are already someone’s wife or husband and begin to pray for them even though you may have never met them. It takes faith! Whatever you ask in prayer, you must believe that God has heard and is willing and ready to give it to you and believe that it is already yours. Exercise your faith today and start believing for whatever you have been praying for knowing that each day could be the day you see the manifestation of your answers. Today could be the day the doctor declares that there is no more evidence of cancer. Today could be the day that your prodigal son or daughter comes to their senses and comes home. Today could be the day that you get that promotion at work. Today could be the day you launch that business you have always dreamed about. And today could be the day when the pregnancy test is finally positive after trying with your spouse for months or even years. Today could be the day… if you believe that you have received it. But it takes faith! Where is your faith? Have faith in God.


Father God, today I choose to believe and receive all that you have for me. I exercise my faith right now in the name of Jesus and receive all that I have been praying for. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Dig Deeper

Mark 11:22
Matthew 7:7-8
James 1:6
John 14:13-14
James 5:15a

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