Never Forsaken

During your devotion time today, we invite you to call to mind the truth about God as Father and His love for you. The Bible tells us that though mother and father could forsake us, God never does and never will. Pounder on this truth as you read the next few lines and make them your own. Personalize its content.

Never Forsaken

I am an imperfect woman, deeply loved by a perfect Father God.
All because of Jesus.
Though I am unrighteous, He seems me righteous.
Though I may not look like much, He calls me beautiful.
Though my story is incomplete, He sees me finished.
His eyes are always on me.
His love sustains me and when I’m about to fall, His loving arms are quick to catch me.

He is my light, my salvation, my strength and my refuge.

When the world sees the stains of my mistakes, He sees me spotless without a single blemish.

He is the lover of my soul.
And so I’ll sit at His feet holding on to every word He says.
I’ll drink from His well because He alone can satisfy my thirsty soul.
And when deep waters arise, I’ll call upon His name, the only name that can save.
When dark clouds form over me, I remember His deep mercy.
His loving kindness surrounds me, His compassion never fails.
When I’m tempted to give up, I remember His perfect love and the sacrifice He made for me.

Father to a fatherless like me, He is my Abba.
He is my beloved and I am His bride.
I am His chosen, precious, redeemed, saved and forever loved child. I am His Child! And so I can rest in this great assurance that I am never forsaken.
– Keshia C.

Dig Deeper
Psalms 27:10
Jeremiah 31:3
Colossians 3:12
Psalms 31:5
John 3:16
1 John 4:19
John 15:9

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