The Journey Of The Wait


I feel as if waiting as been one of themes of my life. I have been waiting to complete my degree, waiting to get out of debt, waiting for a better job, waiting for my health to come around, waiting for a family, waiting waiting waiting …

As I considered those various seasons of waiting, I realized that in each of them, God never called me to wait without assigning me something to do while I waited. And it wasn’t any different for the many ones who waited in Bible times.

  • Joseph waited thirteen years to be set free from prison for a crime he did not commit. While he waited, God called him to interpret the dreams of his cellmates and be the overseer in prison.
  • Noah waited many years before the flood finally came. While he waited, he needed to get his hands busy with wood and other materials to build an arch.
  • Jacob waited years to marry his beloved Rachel. While he waited, he had to work hard for her father.
  • Moses waited forty years before God called him to become the one through whom God would rescue his people. All along, Moses had to work as a shepherd.
  • David waited years before becoming king even after being anointed by the prophet Samuel. While he waited, he took care of his father’s sheep, played the lyre for Saul, became a great soldier, and had to hide from Saul and lead a group of over four hundred men (1 Samuel 25) who decided to accompany him.

While God has us wait on him, He always entrust us with an assignment to be completed. This assignment is meant to prepare us and shifts our focus on God and what he calls us to do rather than direct our focus on the object of our wait.

Where is your focus? Is it on God? Is it on what He has called you to do? Or is it on what you are waiting on him for?

God wants to see how faithful you remain as you wait on him. Are you faithfully stepping into the ministry He has assigned to you? Or are you waiting passively until God brings you out of the waiting season?

God will not bring you out of the wait until you step fully and faithfully into the work He has assigned to you during this season. Get busy with your ministry whatever it may be. Often times, this ministry will come from what led to your brokenness. Maybe God is calling you to care in a special way for the people around you. Maybe God has not answered your prayers for a child yet he is entrusting you with empowering and mentoring the youth around you. Or maybe you are meant to help build homes for those less fortunate.

Whatever you are called to do, do it and do it with all your heart and all your strength as if you are doing it for God! All… while you wait!

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