When Quitting Is Not An Option

“Be wholeheartedly devoted to the Lord our God to walk in his statutes and to keep his commands, as it is today” – 1 Kings 8:61 CSB

It was a very hot summer day. I came home tired, actually completely exhausted. I had fallen asleep on my way home during the one-hour commute it took me to get there nearly missing my stop. Naturally, as soon as I got home, all I wanted to do was take a shower, put on my pajamas, and sleep peacefully until the next morning. This was a great plan until I realized that I had forgotten a small important detail: I had had not completely my workout for the day yet. It took me over half an hour to decide whether I would do it or not even after putting on my workout outfit, setting up the equipment and choosing a playlist to motivate myself.

Music or no music, there was just no going around it. I was tired and I wanted to go to sleep. Instead, I chose to complete my somewhat modified workout. An hour later, the workout was over but it was definitely one of the worst I had ever done! No applause needed for this one and definitely no glamorous post on social media to mark this epic failure! However, as I layed on my exercise map stretching my poor exhausted legs, I came to a realization : I had succeeded at  keeping my commitment. Earlier that year, I had made a commitment to exercise every Monday regardless of how I felt. Sure, I could modify the routine if needed to account for low or high energy, previous exercise done or other factors but the routine had to be done.

When I originally made that commitment, I knew that my motivation would not always be as it were the day I made my beautiful vision board. After all, it is simply not realistic to believe that each day of the year our motivation will remain the same. Yet, our commitment must.

You see, my commitment was not dependent on my mood that day. Instead, it was anchored in the fact that I had promised myself to complete my training program regardless of rain or sunshine, motivation or no motivation.

Commitment is about holding true to our word long after the initial feelings or circumstances that led to making a decision have passed. Just as I committed to complete my workout even though I was in no mood to do so, tired and more interested in sleeping than sweating, we must stick to our commitment to walk with God even on days when the journey gets rough or our fire has fanned out.

Commitment goes hand in hand with discipline. It takes discipline to do what we said we would even when all the factors have changed. It also takes being intentional.

King Solomon knew very well that this was true. In 1 Kings 8:61, we find him addressing the children of Israel after a most earnest prayer to God. The new king reminded all his people standing before him to devote themselves to God each day just as they were doing on that particular day when they renewed their commitment to Him. You see, Solomon knew very well that there would come a time, just as it had happened in the past that the people of Israel would deviate from their commitment to God and neglect to follow the Lord in love and obedience. He knew that if trouble did not come to discourage the people, then their own pride, lack of trust in God, and sinful hearts would turn them away from the Lord.

My friend, this reminder and exhortation from Solomon is not just for the children of Israel but for you and me also. We have to remain committed to God, disciplined in following Him, in reading His Word and in coming to Him in prayer even when we do not feel like it, get discouraged, are tired or we simply want to quit in our Christian walk.

To my dear singles, long after you have made a commitment to God to wait on Him, to walk in purity of heart and sexuality, remember to persist in that path! Develop the kind of discipline that will help you stand even when everything around you including your circumstances is telling you to give up. And if you have lost your passion for God or his Word, nevertheless remain in the Word. God will honor your discipline and commitment and will help rekindle the flame that once burned within you. Don’t just quit. Stay the course!

Stay true to your word to God and stay true to the commitment you made the day you promised to give Him your heart.

Lord, I know that I made a commitment to walk with you long ago. I have not always kept my word but today I pray that you will help me to remain committed to you in spite of my feelings or circumstances. When I feel like throwing in the toilet, help me to lean ever harder on you. When the fire that once was in me begins to fade away, stir up a desire in me that won’t be satisfied until I am in your presence and in your Word. Help me build the discipline that’s needed to spend time in your Word and devotion when other things in my life want to compete for my time and affection. Oh Lord, make me thirst for you each day so I may ever remain committed to you. You alone can satisfy the depths of my soul.


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2 Timothy 4:7
Galatians 6:9

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