When sorry is simply not enough

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” For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, but worldly grief produces death.”

– 2 Corinthians 7:10 CSB

Have you ever met someone who apologizes constantly yet they continue to repeat the same mistake? Perhaps you are such a person?

Is there a sin you continue to apologize for yet each time you find yourself on your knees confessing the same thing all over again?

Have you promised not to repeat it again but failed to keep such promise to the Lord?

It can be very easy to find ourselves in this position. I have personally sat in this particular chair with God one too many times. On one of those occasions, I found myself on my knees confessing my sin one more time. In the silence, a still small voice spoke to me saying: “how often are we going to meet about this? You say you’re sorry but then you fail to obey me. Do you think I delight in empty apologies?”

Those last words convicted my heart deeply. The worst part was that God was absolutely right. I began to replay in my mind the many times I had said “I’m sorry” and how quickly afterwards I fell under the same temptation.

I’ve learned that it is easy to say “I’m sorry” but an apology is not repentance before God. True repentance leads us to grieve or mourn over our sins. It produces tears inwardly as much as it does outwardly. Inevitably, true repentance leads to a change of behavior and thought pattern.

Through His Spirit, God convicts us of our sins, not to shame us but rather with the aim to change us. His call to repent is evidence of His amazing love, grace, and mercy towards us so that we may become more like His Son Jesus Christ. If God did not love us, He would not insist on correcting us. God’s conviction calls us to repentance so that ultimately our hearts may be revived and we may faithfully and lovingly seek Him and His ways.

As you seek the Lord today, ask Him to show you the areas where you have apologized multiple times but failed to genuinely repent. As you contemplate those areas, look at them not as evidence of condemnation but as evidence of His grace and love toward you.

Dig Deeper

  • Job 36:10
  • Revelation 2:5
  • Psalms 32:5
  • Psalms 51:10

Guide through prayer

  • Pray that God will show you any unconfessed sin
  • Pray that God would search your heart and stir in you godly grief when you sin
  • Ask God for a clean heart and the power to overcome sin
  • Pray for an extra portion of the Holy Spirit
  • Thank God for revealing to you where you need to change


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