Who Am I?

” But Moses said to God, who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt? ” – Exodus 3:11(ESV)

I was attending a job interview for new employment in early 2013. The interview was going very well. Each question asked led to a response that seemed to please my interviewer as he smiled and shook his head in approval. That is until he asked a simple question, which left me speechless for a while: “who is Keshia?”

Hmm, somehow I was having a hard time with this question.

Who was I? Who was I that I thought I’d be above and beyond qualified for this position on top of things? Who was Keshia indeed?

Often times, when situations or opportunities present themselves that seem big, we question our abilities and even our own identity. In those moments, we can feel small, inadequate, unequipped for the task at hand, and may doubt almost everything. We forget that God is the one who qualifies us even when we feel unqualified. This is exactly how Moses reacted when God charged him with the heavy task of confronting Pharaoh and bringing the children of Israel out of Egypt. As a result, he responded to God: “WHO AM I…”.

In reality, it’s an offense to God when we retreat behind our limitations, making excuses not to serve Him. God is not interested in our strengths, he is interested in our weaknesses and is not afraid of them. He rejoices to use us in such weaknesses because it gives him an opportunity to shine and reveal His glory. When we are weak, God can be strong. God loves to reveal His strength through imperfect, weak, and humble human beings.

He used Esther, an orphan and a woman, and therefore by the standards of the society at the time was “powerless”, to deliver His people by setting her as queen (see Esther 8). God also used Ruth, a Moabite woman and therefore a stranger to God except for what she knew of Him through her mother in law Naomi, to complete the lineage of David from which would come the Savior of the world (see Ruth 4:18-22). And He used Jeremiah, a youth who would not be taken seriously, to proclaim His Word and appointed him as a prophet to the nations (Jeremiah 1:1).

Friend, it does not matter whether you believe you can be of use to God or not. If God appoints you for a task or assignment, honor Him through faithful obedience. God already knows who you are and what He can achieve in and through you. He made you and knew you from the moment you were conceived in His mind. He has given you all the gifts and talents you will need for your assignment. Through that assignment, He will be your leader: your pillar of cloud that will lead you by day and your pillar of fire by night (Exodus 13:22) and He will not depart from you. So when someone asks you the question “who are you?” or you ask yourself that question, thinking you are too small or nobody, remember that God says “you are mine” (Isaiah 43:1) and you are somebody to Him, you are His child, fully equipped and totally capable.


Heavenly Father,
Forgive me when I forget how great and powerful you are, when I focus on myself, and my perceived weaknesses rather than focus on you. Help me to fully embrace who you have created me to be, your child, created in your image and made to resemble Jesus and to follow your purposes for my life. When I begin to doubt my own identity, remind me who you are so I may be reminded of who I am through Jesus Christ. In your name, I pray, Amen.

Dig Deeper
1 Timothy 4:12
Colossians 2:6-7

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